Found the weather girl, funny thing. Decided to put her on my site.
I really should get my photo section ready...


I finished my online album about my vacation in Egypt. I was there 2 times and really enjoyed it. For the album I tried to find some informational facts and not just pictures. I hope you enjoy it :)

Made a new guestbook. Go and take a look :). I transferred all the old entries to the new one, good that they were not that many!


04: Added a few Links. Slight problem, most people do not have link graphics, so I made them. Still thinking about an additional section to my pages, well one day maybe...

Well, I redesigned the pages. It took me like a year. I am sure there are tons of errors on the pages and I forgot many things, but at least something is here now.

I want to change my travel picture pages, less pictures, different layout, but I guess for now I concentrate on other stuff :)

June 18, 2003 6:42 AM
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